Full Service Management

We manage strata corporations of every size and level of complexity. Buildings in our portfolio range in size from 12 to 300 units. We work closely with strata councils to ensure that their properties are well maintained and managed both physically and financially. Our portfolio includes many of the largest strata corporations in Victoria, as well as some of the most prestigious and complex. At the end of 2011 we became involved with several large complexes in the Nanaimo area. In 2012 we opened a branch office in the North end of Nanaimo from which we now service the Nanaimo to Courtenay area. In 2015 we opened an office in the Westshore area to service our clients better in that area.

We provide a number of services that others in our industry may not.  These additional services are the Proline Advantage.

Full service management of your strata corporation includes the following features and options:

Proline Advantage:
The Proline Advantage consists of  a number of additional features that we provide to our clients. These are:

  • Information Bulletins - From time to time there will be information that needs to be communicated either to strata councils or to all owners. We have recently completed a three page bulletin on strata insurance, which provides detailed information regarding what the strata corporation needs and what individual strata lot owners should consider. This is being circulated to all strata lot owners in our portfolio with their Annual General Meeting minutes.
  • Newsletters - We provide quarterly newsletters to our strata council members. These newsletters provide council members information on our activities, as well as information and updates on developments within the industry.
  • Seminars - We provide free seminars exclusively for our strata council members to keep them informed and educated on a variety of topics. Past topics have included email etiquette, bylaws do's and don'ts and the depreciation report regulations, focusing on what they are and the impact of the new requirements.

Strata Websites
We have developed a standard style of website that is available to our strata corporation clients for a small annual charge.  These websites are accessible by residents once they have registered with us.  The website has a brief description of the building and contains the strata corporation’s bylaws and rules, the most recent Annual General Meeting notice package together with the most recent AGM and/or SGM minutes, the most recent three months of strata council meeting minutes, copies of newsletters, notices to owners, council and management contact information, financial reports, and information on move-ins and move-outs.  We also work with strata councils to develop a comprehensive welcome package for owners, which is also available on the website.  To ensure users are kept up to date, automatic email notifications are sent out whenever there is new information posted to the site.  We have found this to be an exceptionally efficient way of communicating with owners. With the ability to send general meeting notices by email, with an owner's consent, there are also opportunities for a strata corporation to reduce its mailing and postage costs, while at the same time providing for quicker and more effective delivery to the owners.  If you are interested in viewing a sample website, please contact us.

Strata Council Member Manual
We have developed a comprehensive manual for new strata council members. This manual provides information on council  and owner responsibilities and outlines the relationship between the property manager and the strata corporation. Information is provided on various building specific issues as well. The purpose of the manual is to provide the background and knowledge that council members need when they volunteer to serve the strata corporation as a council member.

Welcome Package – We have developed a comprehensive welcome package for our strata corporation clients. These are available on the individual strata websites. The welcome package provides new owners with considerable information about how a condominium works. We have found that a little education goes a long way in helping resolve potential conflicts.

Bylaws – Bylaws are a complicated issue for strata corporations. When we take on the management of a new strata corporation we make a commitment to review the current bylaws and make suggestions for improvements so that strata corporations have up to date versions that deal with current industry issues and requirements.

Insurance – We have one of the largest, high quality insurance portfolios in Victoria and can therefore ensure excellent rates and terms to our clients from the insurance brokers that we work with. In addition to excellent rates, we are able to provide additional coverage in some areas at no extra cost.

Banking – Our arrangement with our bank allows for interest to be paid on all contingency reserve fund accounts on a prime minus basis. There are only minimal regular service charges on our bank accounts.  You will pay the same bank fee each month regardless of the number of transactions that are processed for your strata corporation.

Pre-authorized Debit – As a convenience for strata owners, we offer the ability for pre-authorized debits from their bank accounts.

Long-Term Planning
One of the most important areas for a strata corporations to manage is the contingency reserve fund. We work with councils to determine what the future demands on the reserve fund may be and help outline a plan for presentation to the owners which will reflect the future cash requirement needed in order to make the necessary replacements or repairs. Once a plan has been established, strata corporations can determine how best to meet the funding requirements. With the new requirement of depreciation reports, most strata corporations will have reports prepared by qualified persons, which are useful for helping strata lot owners understand the future cash flow needs of their strata corporation.

Regular Operations – A brief outline of the regular activities in which Proline is involved follows:

  • Work with council to prepare an annual budget.
  • Prepare monthly income and expense statements for council. Our statements provide excellent detail, yet are easy to read and understand. Our statements enable you to measure monthly and year-to-date performance against the annual budget.
  • Provide a monthly disbursement report that details every invoice paid each month, who it was paid to and what category it was charged.
  • Collect the monthly strata fees and pay monthly expenses.
  • Maintain records of, and collect other charges, such as parking, fines and arrears.
  • Invest and manage contingency reserve funds in order to maximize their earnings potential in a risk free environment.
  • Attend regular strata council meetings, and update council on operations of the complex.
  • Assist in preparation of strata corporation bylaws and rules and ensure compliance of all owners of the complex at the direction of the strata council.
  • Filing and/or preparation of appropriate forms under the Strata Property Act, such as Forms B, F and K.
  • Conduct regular site visits to ensure maintenance standards are being met.
  • Dispatch appropriate maintenance and trades people, as required.
  • Provide general supervision for on-site maintenance or gardening staff.
  • Handle the tendering and bid process for major repairs and maintenance items, or for special projects.
  • Our emergency calls are handled by a licensed Property Manager rather than a maintenance division.  There are no charges for our Property Managers after hours emergency calls. We dispatch appropriate trades people who are available to us on a 24 hour basis for emergency call outs.  All of our trades’ rates are passed through to the clients at cost; we do not mark up any of the buildings invoices.
  • Ensure that all contract items are maintained at as reasonable a level as possible while maintaining standards set by the strata council.
  • Encourage newsletters within the complex on a regular basis as a method of communicating with residents. This helps foster the sense of community which is so important in a condominium complex.
  • Prepare notices, agenda and required information of annual general or special general meetings. Organize meeting times and location.
  • Work with the strata council to plan future requirements for the strata corporation’s contingency reserve fund and to highlight areas for which special attention may be required in the future.
  • Generally, to liaise with all owners to ensure peace and harmony within the complex.

Building Envelope Issues
Proline Management has had considerable experience in building envelope issues and large building remediation projects. Our involvement in major building envelope failures is available on a fee for service basis.