Owner Request Form

We use StrataPress to process your documents and forms. This method is the fastest way to receive your documents along with the convenience of paying with your credit card. Please visit StrataPress to process your order.

Alternatively, you may use the form below which allows payment by e-transfer, cash or cheque only.

Please note: that for sectioned stratas, 2 Form Bs will be required; 1 for the strata corporation and 1 for the section. Each Form B is $35.00 plus GST

Please note: the following documents must be included with every Form B as required by s.59(4) of the Strata Property Act at a cost of 25¢ plus GST per page:
- Rental Disclosure Statement
- Financial Statement
- Rules (if there are rules for the strata corporation you have listed)
- Depreciation Report (if there is one for the strata corporation you have listed)

Statutory holidays do not count as a business day. As you see above we do not offer same day service therefore the day you send in your request does not count as a business day.

When your documents are ready, you will receive a notification email stating the total amount payable. If you are paying by email money transfer, the documents will be emailed following our receipt of payment. If you are paying by cash or cheque, the documents will be ready for pick up at the time of payment.