Condos, Houses & Duplexes

Proline provides comprehensive management of your individual or smaller multi-unit property in an effort to achieve your investment goals and objectives. We provide top quality service through planning for the future and working to maximize your returns, both in terms of value and income. Some of the services we provide are as follows:

  • Initial rent up of the dwelling, advertising the unit for rent, showings to prospective tenants, screening rental applicants, selecting tenants.
  • Perform a detailed move-in inspection of the property at the time the tenant takes occupancy. Itemize flaws or deficiencies for security deposit purposes.
  • Collect monthly rents, maintain security deposit funds and records.
  • Arrange for any necessary repairs and maintenance to the dwelling. We utilize only independent trades and receive excellent service from our trades. If, during the course of performing maintenance work, our trades notice a problem with the property, they will advise us directly.
  • Inspect where necessary to determine the need for repairs and maintenance. Obtain competitive bids and supervise any major repair and maintenance items that are needed.
  • Pay monthly repair and maintenance expenses, if applicable. We do not mark up any of the trade’s bills. You pay only what it actually costs.
  • If we are required to do major renovation or upgrade projects, we may need to negotiate a separate fee for that project.
  • Provide monthly accounting statements to owners detailing all income and expenses for the month.
  • Net proceeds are paid to the owner each month or deposited to an account to the credit of the owner. We encourage owners to allow us to deposit their funds electronically.   Funds are normally deposited two business days after the 14th of the month.  We send our proceed cheques by the 15th of the month in which they are received. We pride ourselves on having the fastest turnaround time of any of the Victoria management companies.
  • Perform a detailed move-out inspection when tenants vacate, refund security deposit or applicable portion thereof.
  • Follow up any required action with the tenant.
  • We utilize the standard lease required by the Province of British Columbia and add addendums, as necessary, to meet the needs of the property or the owners.
  • One of our property managers has done seminars for apartment owners to guide them through the arbitration process and usually takes the lead on complex arbitrations.
  • We offer an annual inspection of the property, which consists of a review of the interior and exterior of the property by a property manager other than the property manager handling the account. This provides an extra pair of eyes to review and evaluate potential risks and repair items.  It has proven very useful for individual owners and their insurance companies. This service is available at the option of the property owners.
  • Tenant Relations - We are careful with our tenant selections and always try to treat our tenants with respect. We have had many circumstances over our history where former tenants have subsequently purchased properties and have hired us to act as property manager for them.
  • Website Advertising - We advertise our available rentals on our own website. Our website provides an excellent search function, one of the best in our marketplace. We are also using social media applications in addition to several `free`websites that we have had good response from. Our website advertising ability is yet another way we provide innovative and industry leading services to our clients.